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  • Luxe Cleansing Flannel
  • Luxe Cleansing Flannel

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Super-soft when wet, its silky texture and high absorbency is perfect on delicate areas. It cleans without wetting or scratching fragile skin and dries without stripping moisture.

Safe on babies' peeling skin or soft skull, it is ideal for eczema, acne, cradle cap and other problem skin conditions. Use directly on sensitive areas to clean without damaging or irritating.

Works hand in hand with cosmetic treatments such as laser and surgical areas as it cleanses the skin without wetting the bandages or spoiling the bruised areas, which are sore to touch.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the flannel is air-spun and porous free.

To clean, the flannel can be hand washed in warm soapy water or in a machine at 40°. Hardens when dry to prevent bacteria but regains its silky soft feel when wet.

Wash flannel under warm water before use.

Measures: 23 x 23cms

Use daily on children’s face and hands to cleanse without damaging sensitive skin. Using water wipe the flannel over eczema skin to cleanse without irritating. Rub gently on dry areas to remove flaky skin

As a wash cloth and towel use with or without body wash. Use directly against baby soft scalp and skin, the flannel is effective at flaking off dry skin and cradle cap without irritating or scratching. Wring out excess water and use as a soft towel to dry baby. Gently blot on baby's head to completely dry hair. Leave flannel out to dry.

Use daily to cleanse your face removing dry skin, make up and oils. Wet flannel and use in place of make up removers or lather it up with your cleanser for a deeper clean. Wring out excess water and use it to dry skin without stripping moisture.

Remove make-up stains on the flannel by lathering it up with face wash.

Use directly on face after nose/ eyes or facial surgeries, botox and other facial injections, lasers, microdermabrasions, peels or any other treatment where skin is left bruised, sore or fragile to touch. Flannel can be used to cleanse these areas without damaging or further irritating skin.

Directly after surgical procedures, wet and use flannel in place of washing these areas to remove dirt and excess oils. Use directly over bruises and stitches to cleanse without damaging. After facial treatments use in place of towels to dry skin without causing further irritation.

NOTE: Product is hard when dry, to soften place flannel under warm water. 

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